Basic tax issues in acquisition transactions

By Michael L. This article discusses basic U.

basic tax issues in acquisition transactions

It is intended primarily for readers who are corporate lawyers rather than tax lawyers. The discussion is written in general terms and does not include every exception to the general rules and exception to exception, and so on. Most importantly, it is vital for the corporate lawyer to consult a tax lawyer at every stage of an acquisition transaction.

The tax rules are detailed, often counterintuitive, and always changing. Details that are minor from a corporate point of view, such as which corporation survives a merger, can have vast consequences from a tax point of view. The particular structure of a transaction can mean that one party might achieve a significant tax benefit at the expense of the other party e.

It is also essential that the tax lawyer begin to participate in a transaction at the very beginning. This is usually when the basic structural elements of the transaction are determined. It is much easier to propose a particular structure at the time an initial term sheet is being negotiated than it is to propose a change in structure after both sides with or without their respective tax lawyers have agreed to it.

Likewise, detailed ongoing participation by the tax lawyer is necessary to be sure that changes in documentation do not change the tax results that are important to the client. Penn State Law Review. Comments: Penn St. Submissions Symposia The Forum Blog. Basic Tax Issues in Acquisition Transactions.Please contact customerservices lexology. There are, however, common tax implications at play in most transactions of which purchasing and selling entities should consider, as these tax implications may guide significant aspects of negotiation in the deal.

A stock sale takes place between the purchaser of the target company and the shareholders of the target company, not the company itself. Therefore, the target company does not recognize any corporate-level gain. This is beneficial for the target company and its shareholders, as the transaction only receives single taxation at the shareholder level and avoids potential double-taxation involved with asset sales - once at the corporate level and once again at the shareholder level.

In a stock sale, however, neither the purchaser, nor the target company, receives any stepped-up basis in its assets. Asset sales, on the other hand, provide the purchaser with a favorable step-up in the depreciable basis in the acquired assets to fair market value.

Sellers, however, often experience unfavorable tax treatment in an asset sale for two primary reasons.

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First, if the entity being sold is a C corporation, the seller will typically be subject to double taxation, as the corporation is taxed on the gain from the sale and the shareholders are then taxed on any proceeds they receive individually. Additionally, if the company is an S corporation but was formerly a C corporation, there is a year tax recognition period for built-in gains "BIG"and a sale during that period could subject the seller to corporate BIG taxes.

Second, although sales of capital assets are generally taxed at lower capital gains rates, such capital asset sales may be subject to depreciation recapture taxed at ordinary rates, and non-capital assets may be taxed at ordinary income tax rates as well - both resulting in increased tax liability for the seller.

Subject to a myriad of requirements, IRC Section allows for C and S corporations to participate in a "tax-free reorganization. The minimum value of stock compared to the total consideration paid by the buyer to the seller in a tax-free reorganization is 40 percent. As a general rule, if the target has net operating loss carryovers, tax credit carryovers or a high tax basis in its operating assets, a tax-free reorganization or a stock transaction may be more advantageous than an asset purchase.

However, the acquiring entity needs to consider the potential impact that IRC Section may have on the ability of the acquiring entity to utilize and benefit from the target company's tax attributes. If the target company is an S corporation, a partnership or a limited liability company, IRC Section gh 10 or in the case of a partnership elections may still allow for the tax basis of the assets to be revalued - even in a stock transaction.

While the aforementioned tax elections are particularly valuable to the acquiring entity, they often create a heavier tax burden for the seller and impact negotiations accordingly. SALT implications often vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. SALT issues can also enter the fray when a buyer expands the reach of the company through the transaction. As the geographical footprint of the company expands into other jurisdictions, so does the potential SALT liability in those jurisdictions.

If the expansion reaches into states and other jurisdictions in such a way that creates "nexus" a substantial economic connectionthe SALT rules for those jurisdictions must additionally be considered. As a result, during the due diligence and planning stage of a transaction, it is important to consider whether the transaction will create nexus with new states and expose the acquiring entity to SALT in those new jurisdictions.

Several states impose successor liability for sales, use and employment taxes when an acquiring entity purchases all or s substantially all of a selling entity's assets.Merger and acquisition activity has been brisk in recent years. From a tax standpoint, a merger or acquisition can basically be structured in two ways:. Stock or ownership interest. Reasons : The corporation will pay less tax and generate more after-tax income. A buyer can also purchase the assets of a business. This may happen if a buyer only wants specific assets or product lines.

For several reasons, buyers usually prefer to purchase assets rather than ownership interests.

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Therefore, buyers are concerned about limiting exposure to undisclosed and unknown liabilities and minimizing taxes after the deal closes. A buyer can step up increase the tax basis of purchased assets to reflect the purchase price. Stepped-up basis lowers taxable gains when certain assets, such as receivables and inventory, are sold or converted into cash.

It also increases depreciation and amortization deductions for qualifying assets. Meanwhile, sellers generally prefer stock sales for tax and nontax reasons.

One of their main objectives is to minimize the tax bill from a sale. That can usually be achieved by selling their ownership interests in a business corporate stock or partnership or LLC interests as opposed to selling business assets.

With a sale of stock or other ownership interest, liabilities generally transfer to the buyer and any gain on sale is generally treated as lower-taxed long-term capital gain assuming the ownership interest has been held for more than one year.

Keep in mind that other issues, such as employee benefits, can also cause unexpected tax issues when merging with, or acquiring, a business. After a deal is done, it may be too late to get the best tax results. We can help with tax planningbusiness valuation and mergers and acquisitions. Contact us for the best way to proceed in your situation. Skip to content Check us out on BrokerCheck. Stocks vs.

Buyer vs. Stay up to date on the latest news and such Subscribe.Risk Return and Gambling Market Efficiency (PDF).

basic tax issues in acquisition transactions

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How Taxes Factor into a Merger and Acquisition Transaction

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Basic Tax Issues in Acquisition Transactions

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basic tax issues in acquisition transactions

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Basic tax issues in mergers and acquisitions

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