Financial management project evaluation

So project priorities need to be determined. Among other things a financial evaluation of prospective projects is needed. Some projects promise a better financial return than other projects. Historically, us project managers have not been too concerned about the reason for a project, but have focused on producing the required deliverables outputs as per specifications, on time and within budget.

This focus is understandable, since achieving these objectives is usually how our project management performance has been assessed. And while these objectives are important, ultimate project success occurs when the project outputs achieve anticipated benefits and sometimes other unanticipated benefits. Contemporary thinking is that us project managers now need to be conversant with the project business case even though we may not have been involved in its preparation.

The business case that identifies project costs and benefits is often prepared by a business analyst or the project sponsor. Our project benefits could be nullified, jeopardized or enhanced by factors both within and beyond our control.

Additional benefits and disbenefits might be identified as our project proceeds. Also, the need for our project might evaporate. Project managers now need to understand their project business case, which is the rationale for their project, and appreciate that project changes variation may impact benefits for better or for worse.

In fact, risks to benefits should be recorded, analysed and responded to as we would for risks to project objectives. Insufficient financial rigor during project evaluation is often identified as a contributing factor to project failure.

At the heart of project evaluation and the project business case or justification is usually a Cost-Benefit Analysis CBAsometimes called a Benefit-Cost Analysis BCAundertaken during project conception and updated periodically during project development and execution phases, where:. CBA is a widely-used financial assessment tool first introduced by a French engineer, Jules Dupuit, in the s.

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Unless a prospective project promises to add value or resultant benefits sufficiently exceed costs we would not normally proceed with a project. The results of a CBA are often expressed as a payback period — how long before positive cash flows equal the investment. The earlier this breakeven point is achieved the better in most instances.

Some CEOs prefer to see benefits realised during their term of office. And projects with a more attractive cost to benefit ratio would usually be given higher priority.

An exception may be compliance projects necessary to meet new legislative requirements, although the financial consequences or penalties of not doing such projects may well exceed the project cost.

The main limitation of the CBA is that some relevant benefits and costs may defy quantification. It is not usually possible to assign every benefit and cost a monetary value.

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The extent or depth of this analysis is usually tailored to the size and risk of the proposed project, since the analysis itself also needs to be cost-effective. For example, options for storage might include:.

Weighted criteria recognise that some selection attributes are more important than others. See The Framework pages — One key selection attribute will be estimated costs and benefits. The estimation of costs should identify whole-of-life costs ie, both capital and maintenance costs for the expected useful life of the product or service and we need to be sure that a benefit is a benefit. The following are not benefits:. For example, improved staff retention may not be due to the improved working environment project, but due to a worsening national economic climate when employees have no option but to remain with their current employer.

Also, on occasions different projects might claim the same benefits. Costs and benefits are best expressed in monetary terms to enable their comparison on a consistent basis.To be a sustainable organisation, it is not enough to only monitor and evaluate your projects, strategic processes, personnel and knowledge. It is essential to also monitor and evaluate your operational and organisational budgets. In doing so, cost efficiency and effectiveness are important to keep in mind along with the allocation of specific financial resources to monitoring, evaluation and learning activities.

In short, financial management entails planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and evaluating the financial resources of an organisation to achieve its overall objectives. In this section, we explain how to ensure the two basic criteria of a quality financial management with a strong MEL dimension:. Below you can find advice and resources for improving your organisational practices related to these two identified criteria in the field of financial management.

In order to have an effective financial management an organisation needs to establish a suitable internal environment. Such environment depends to a large extent on the size of the organisation. Read more about…. There are many tools to use in order to manage financial resources of an organisation and create a sound financial management system that includes monitoring, evaluation and learning.

We have identified the following four tools:. Accounting for the money you have raised as an organisation is a crucial part of the financial management process. This does not solely refer to the accounting or bookkeeping system that an organisation uses, and it is not only about the money itself.

It also refers to the ways to show how the money was spend and, most importantly, if and how it helped the organisation achieve its goals.

The process of budgeting simply entails the following; calculating the expenditures, calculating income, compare income and expenditures and analyse the income and expenditures in order to create a cashflow the total amount of money being transferred into and out of an organisation forecast. Financial control systems are meant to provide sufficient security for the finances and assets of the organisation.

The systems provide checks and balances which helps an organisation to prevent fraud or misappropriation or deviations from accepted policies and procedures. Examples of these systems are inventory controls, which means a system that records assets which are generally consumable or saleable and internal and external audits. In short, if there is a situation of financial control it means that the financial resources are correctly and effectively used.

The final element of a sound Financial monitoring, evaluation and learning scheme is by producing financial reports in order to asses the progress and results of the financial affairs for the organisation.

Remember that a report should be timely, accurate and relevant! How to allocate specific financial resources to monitoring, evaluation and learning activities of the organisation? When you are planning your MEL activities for the entire organisation for example after the Strategic Plan has been finalised or for a specific project or program, make sure that you include a realistic planning of the financial resources needed in order to conduct the MEL activities.

To be as realistic as possible it is helpful to make three different budget lines, for monitoring, evaluation and learning separately. This planning activity reduces the risk that running out of financial resources when the evaluation and reporting phases are starting. It is often challenging to source and secure financial resources for monitoring and evaluation of outcomes of projects and programmes and to use the lessons learned identified.

Since there is often not a specific project were the costs relate to and can be charged to directly. Relevance and innovation 2. Planning and design 3. Monitoring 4. Final Evaluation 5.

financial management project evaluation

Reporting and Accountability For organisations 1. Organisational Culture and Norms 2. Planning and Decision Making 3. Knowledge management 4. Human resources management 5.

Financial management 6.The following points highlight the top four methods of project evaluation in a firm. The methods are: 1. Return of Investment ROI 2. Payback Method 3. The ratio of profit expected from an investment project and the proposed investment for the project is called Return on Investment ROI.

This ROI ratio is used as a criterion for the evaluation of an investment project. The greater the ROI of a project, the greater is its acceptability.

There are three concepts about the amount of investment on a project. The amount of investment may mean the amount of assets, amount of capital invested, or the amount of equity capital. We may obtain three types of ROI on the basis of these three concepts. Here net profit does not include the interest to be paid to the lenders. But, since interest is included in the real return on total assets, an improved form of ROA is.

Here net profit, excluding tax, is expressed as a ratio of the total amount of invested capital.

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The total amount of capital provided by the owner of the firm and the lenders is the total invested capital in this case. First, the total amount of invested capital is the sum total of long-term liabilities and equity of the shareholders. Now the shares of a company may be of two types: preference shares and ordinary shares. Here, if the shares are ordinary shares, then we may write. We may mention here two more measures of the rate at which the owners of ordinary shares may obtain return from their company.

It may be noted here that the share owners may earn at the rate of EPS only when the company actually distributes all the money equal to the numerator of the formula for EPS among the shareholders.

If an investment project is implemented, then the time or the number of years within which the summation of the flow of undiscounted net revenues becomes equal to the total cost of the project is called the payback period. According to this method, if one of a number of projects is to be selected, then the project for which the payback period is minimum, should be implemented. To illustrate the point let us take help of an example.

Let us suppose that the expected flows of net revenue from two different projects and the costs of these projects are given in the table below. From the data given above we see that in the case of project I, the sum total of the net revenue flow in the first two years has been equal to the project cost and, in the case of project II, the sum total of the net revenue flow in the first three years has been equal to the project cost.

In other words, the payback period for the two projects are 2 and 3 years, respectively. According to the payback method, if one of the two projects are to be implemented then the project I should be selected for implementation, for the payback period of this project is shorter than project II.Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise.

It means applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise. Investment decisions includes investment in fixed assets called as capital budgeting. Investment in current assets are also a part of investment decisions called as working capital decisions. Financial decisions - They relate to the raising of finance from various resources which will depend upon decision on type of source, period of financing, cost of financing and the returns thereby.

Dividend decision - The finance manager has to take decision with regards to the net profit distribution. Net profits are generally divided into two:. The financial management is generally concerned with procurement, allocation and control of financial resources of a concern.

The objectives can be. To ensure adequate returns to the shareholders which will depend upon the earning capacity, market price of the share, expectations of the shareholders.

To ensure optimum funds utilization. Once the funds are procured, they should be utilized in maximum possible way at least cost. To ensure safety on investment, i.

To plan a sound capital structure-There should be sound and fair composition of capital so that a balance is maintained between debt and equity capital. Estimation of capital requirements: A finance manager has to make estimation with regards to capital requirements of the company. This will depend upon expected costs and profits and future programmes and policies of a concern. Estimations have to be made in an adequate manner which increases earning capacity of enterprise.

Determination of capital composition: Once the estimation have been made, the capital structure have to be decided.

This involves short- term and long- term debt equity analysis. This will depend upon the proportion of equity capital a company is possessing and additional funds which have to be raised from outside parties. Choice of sources of funds: For additional funds to be procured, a company has many choices like- Issue of shares and debentures Loans to be taken from banks and financial institutions Public deposits to be drawn like in form of bonds.

Choice of factor will depend on relative merits and demerits of each source and period of financing.Labor costs associated with labeling will drop and hidden indirect labeling costs like fines, recalls, production shutdowns and shipping delays can essentially be eliminated. Growing companies will be able to streamline labeling outside the enterprise by extending labeling to third parties. Consumers are demanding more customized and attractive label designs, and we expect that to continue next year.

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How can we use it for sustainable growth.

financial management project evaluation

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Financial Management - Meaning, Objectives and Functions

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financial management project evaluation

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financial management project evaluation

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