The inspector calls coursework

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Mrs Birling intimates that she was a liar and disrespectful and thus justifies her decision to have the claim refused. Indeed, she is one of the most honest characters in the play in the sense that she fully admits how she did nothing to help Eva Smith and does not try to hide this from the inspector.

But she is happy to admit her actions because she sees no wrong in what she did. Priestly wants the audience to be shocked and disgusted by this. This is why Priestly gets Mrs Birling to repeat the fact that she has no shame or guilt, so often. Her deceit though, is presented through her hypocrisy when she lies to herself. She is the ultimate snob. It is this hypocrisy in society at large that is the main lie and wickedness priestly wants to expose by writing An Inspector B Priestley uses the characters within this book to portray his message indirectly, even the tiniest of details have an array of meanings behind them, for example, the lighting and how they should be, intimate and soft until the inspector arrives and the lights turn sharper causing the whole atmosphere to change, dialogue and the choice of words used by the characters show much more than what we take for face value.

She is also materialistic, showing great interest and longing to the ring, but feeling contrasting emotions to the person who is the bearer of such extravagance. She is also shown as envious and A number of techniques are used throughout the play in order to portray this negative image to the audience. For instance, her naivety is repeatedly mentioned and her class conscious attitude is prominent in the play.

This shows the way in which she looks down upon the character of Eva Smith. Similarly, her dismissive attitude towards lower class people is demonstrated by her careful concern for social etiquette and manners. This suggests that she would not want to be associated with the dialect used by those of a lower social status.

Her character is shown to feel a need to impress Gerald due to his upper class heritage and parenting. This could be represented by her embarrassment when Mr Birling congratulates the cook and tells him off for discussing business.

Inspector Calls. The story of an inspector calls is set inalthough it was written in ; it is set the seemingly respectable town of Brumley. At the beginning of the play the family is having a small meal to celebrate the engagement of Gerald Croft and Sheila, The Story starts as the Birling family is having a meal when unexpectedly an inspector rings at the door. The inspector explains to the family that a young woman had committed suicide. He then goes on to tell each member of the family that they had played a part in the suicide.

As Mrs Birling is being question the feeling that she is somewhat of a hypocrite, she is a self acclaimed charity worker and is the head of a charity organisation in which she helps woman. But as Eva Smith approaches the charity as a Miss Birling, a pregnant single woman with no where to go and no money, Mrs Birling is offended at this and refuses to give Eva Smith any money or help.

By calling herself Mrs Birling priestly builds some dramatic tension as he hints that maybe a birling had Try to pin point where in the text you are being asked to comment on. Timing and planning.I have chosen to stage your play, 'An Inspector Calls' as I found it very appealing.

the inspector calls coursework

The setting of the play was really attractive as it was written at the end of the Second World War. People wanted to entertain themselves after so much tension and stress during the War. So a play based on life 30 years ago was perfect. However, this play did more than just entertain. It is a thought-provoking play which encourages people to think about society and responsibility.

The audience in would have just experienced a terrible Second World War, with great loss and destruction. They would also be aware of the First World War which was an earlier catastrophe. The fact that the play was set in before the First World War, means that the audience have additional knowledge of the world, unlike the Birlings.

As you have used the theme of responsibility, it reminded me that we all have responsibilities in our lives. There are still people who are going to war without realising the consequences and the effects on lives of innocent people. There are still people in the world today who are starving while people who are extremely rich and getting richer by the minute take no note of the poor.

There are people around us who are peddling drugs without thinking of its effect on countless children and members of the society. Throughout the play, the words 'responsible' and 'responsibility' are used by almost all the characters in the play at some point or the other. Each member of the family has a different attitude towards responsibility. There is a similarity between Mrs Birling and Shelia. Mrs Birling and Sheila's responsibility to Eva is somewhat similar as they both share and accept their guilt on Eva's death.

In real life, we all have different attitudes to responsibility for our parents, family, friends, work and school. In your play, you as the playwright, encourage people to seize the opportunity at the end of the war and give them a chance to build a better, more caring society. For example, just before the Inspector walks in to the Birling household unexpectedly, he creates a dramatic effect by his statement and the use of dramatic irony shocks the audience.

The dramatic irony is Mr Birling who states that the Titanic will not sink which actually famously sunk on its maiden voyage and there will never be a World War as he states but actually the audience of had been through two World Wars "the world's developing so fast that it'll make war impossible if we do not adopt your message of responsibility to each other".

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Mr Birling in TEN Quotations - 'An Inspector Calls' GCSE English Literature Revision

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‘An Inspector Calls’ – Coursework Creatvie Writing

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I am going to do a piece of coursework on a comparison of two speeches, one is on Inspector Goole and the other is on Mr Birling. This will include a close analysis of dramatic devices and language feature, but first I will tell you a little bit about the play. The play was set in before world war one and written in after world war two. Priestly who wrote the play was a radical thinker.

Priestly wrote it to entertain and moralize. The features I am going to discuss are on: Repetition, Conjunctions and Punctuation. This also give the impression of him being very confident. I think the way he uses these conjunctions in his speech are too common. He uses them at the start of sentences and in the middle of them.

the inspector calls coursework

I also think Birling might not want the others to speak so that he can get his point across. I t appears that he is enforcing is ideas on others. Priestley makes Eric an interrupter. It seems to me, Priestley has put Eric in the play just to contradict his father and turn it into a sort of Father-Son-Quarrel.

There are also a fair few Triadic structures. But we know that since the play was set and by the time it was written there had been two wars and the Titanic sank in Priestley also makes the inspector speak to the audience as well as the Birlings, Priestley also makes the inspector speak to the audience to make then think.

Those short snappy sentences are to emphasise that society needs people to work together for greater good! Each sentence has the same message. I think Priestley makes the inspector talk to the audience is quite good. This also leads to a dramatic irony is that by there have been two wars, so the audience knows more than the inspector would have known in Such as hopes, fears, suffering, happiness and anguish.

He speaks very openly to increase sincere effect. Because this is the final speech in the play, it has to be hard hitting, and Priestley does this using abstract nouns, repetition, triadic structures and short sentences.

It is through Goole that Priestley can present his views on society to his audience. An Inspector Calls is a play written by J. The play reflects Priestley's social and political beliefs and tries to portray socialist ideals to the audience.

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The themes of community and responsibility are central to the play. At the time the play is set, there was an enormous divide between the social classes in Britain. There were the middle and upper classes around five to six million who took two thirds of the national income.

Then there was From this quote we can clearly note Priestley's condemnation of capitalism and his vision of a new socialist Britain. Priestley wrote An Inspector Calls inbut critically, set it injust before the outbreak of World War One, and in the year of the Titanic's sinking.

Inspector Goole is not a real police officer, as we discover, but represents Social Conscience and can be seen as the embodiment of Priestley's socialist message. Priestley uses the plight of a poor working class young woman to illustrate the power an industrialist and his privileged, selfish family have over her. Priestley also presents the idea of capitalism, through the voice of Mr.

Birling, but is soon made a fool of as he states ridiculous things which have already been determined, such the defining the Titanic as "unsinkable". It is also essential how this essay states the time period's of when the play was set, In "An Inspector Calls" by J. Priestley the Inspector is used as a voice of conscience and morality.He wrote his characters to reflect what people were actually like and what they believed in.

Mrs Birling even dismisses her by saying "Girls of that class".

Coursework On An Inspector Calls Essay

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the inspector calls coursework

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