University of toronto sociology courses map

Each year, the Sociology Department offers over 55 courses for undergraduate students, ranging from our flagship Introduction to Sociology Course to small specialized seminars for fourth-year program students. Learn more about our courses.

All of our courses are taught by instructors who are committed to excellence in both their teaching and their research. Many are world experts in their fields of specialty. Learn more about our course instructors. Students who choose to complete a specialization, major or minor in Sociology gain in-depth skills in social research methodology, hands-on research experience, and have the opportunity to delve deeply into issues of importance in society today.

Learn more about our programs. Find us at Spadina Ave in the west wing of the second floor.

university of toronto sociology courses map

The Undergraduate office is in Room To drop off an assignment, go to Room Professor Scott Schieman is the Chair of the St. George Department. Donna Ragbir is the Undergraduate Administrator. Resources for St. George Faculty, Instructors and Teaching Assistants. Search for. Search this site Search all U of T sites.

George Campus St. George Courses St. George Instructors St.The objective of the program is to help students develop their theoretical perspectives and research skills. It provides solid basic training to those who plan to work in positions requiring research skills in the public and private sectors. It also provides a strong foundation in sociological training for those who plan to pursue a doctoral degree in sociology.

Students achieve the objectives of the MA program by taking a well designed sequence of courses, working as research assistants to professors, and attending seminars organized in the Department.

We admit about ten students into the MA program each year and typically have about applications. Most students that we admit achieved an A average in the undergraduate studies and have some research experience. Many, but not all of them, have BAs in Sociology. We prefer students who have taken at least 5 full year courses or 10 half-year courses in Sociology at the undergraduate level.

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We like to see a good background in statistics and some sociology coursework, especially Sociological Theory. The online admissions application opens on October 1st annually. The deadline for beginning the application process with payment is December 1st.

The deadline to complete your application upload all supporting documents is December 15th. We do not make any exceptions for missing either deadline. See more detailed application information. Students can choose to take the program on a part-time or full-time basis. Part-time students are required to complete all course requirements within five years from date of entry.

Part-time students must be able to take courses offered during normal working hours, as this is when course are offered. Full-time MA students have twelve 12 months to complete the program. The program begins in September; we do not admit new students to the January term. Students may apply to do a collaborative MA by applying to Sociology and to one of our collaborative programs. In addition to these courses, students have two options for completing the MA program.

The first option requires students to take five more half-year courses eight total.

university of toronto sociology courses map

The second option requires students to take three more half-year courses six total and write a research paper. Students must maintain a B average throughout their coursework to be recommended to receive their M. Students who would like experience doing their own research project should choose the Major Research Paper MRP option.

To pursue this option, students need to find a Sociology faculty member who will supervise the project and work with them through all phases of the paper. Given the short time frame, it is best to line up a Sociology faculty supervisor in the first semester of the program. Students wishing to do so must apply to both Sociology and the collaborative program for admissions.

In order to participate in any collaborative program, students must first be admitted to the Sociology Department.

We offer collaborative programs at the MA level with:.

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Search for. Search this site Search all U of T sites. George Campus St. George Courses St. George Instructors St. Admissions We admit about ten students into the MA program each year and typically have about applications.

MA students have the option to fulfill 1. Research Paper MRP.In second year, students at the University of Toronto choose one or more programs for their degree. Note that these programs cannot be combined no one can take both a Sociology Major and a Sociology Minor, for example. Students who complete a sociology specialist gain in-depth knowledge of sociological methods and theory, they achieve mastery of several sociology sub fields, and they benefit from hands-on research and writing coursework.

We admit a limited number of students into the specialist program each year. Students interested in the Specialist program normally apply and enter from the Major program, after having completed the first half of Year 2 requirements of that program as below. Students demonstrating exceptional interest and achievement in the introductory courses may enter at the end of Year 1.

Completing a sociology major provides many of the same benefits as the specialist but, requiring seven rather than ten FCEs allows greater flexibility for students who wish to complement their sociology studies with courses from other disciplines.

Many students choose to enroll in a double major, bringing a level of interdisciplinarity to their degree. We admit a limited number of students into the Major program each year. Entry into the Major is competitive and achieving the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.

The Sociology Minor is ideal for students who wish to add a sociological perspective to their studies while pursuing a major or specialist in another discipline. We admit a limited number of students into the Minor program each year. Entry into the Minor is competitive and achieving the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. Search for.

MA Program

Search this site Search all U of T sites. George Campus St. George Courses St. George Instructors St.Enrolment is limited and each program has specific eligibility requirements, which students must meet in order to be considered for admission. Please note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee program entry. Sociology is the systematic study of the social world. Our programs provide in-depth knowledge of facts, concepts and theories specific to topics within sociology, such as health and disability, global inequality, social class, sexuality and gender, race and ethnicity, culture, crime and deviance, immigration, and power and politics.

View Sociology program entry and completion requirements. Skip to main content.

Welcome to the Department!

Menu Close Menu. Undergraduate Students. Experiential Learning. Academic Integrity. Copyright in Instructional Settings. Declaration of Absence. Re-Marking Pieces of Term Work. Declaration of Temporary Absence. Independent Research. Research Opportunity Program. Student Society. Research Assistants.

Teaching Assistants. Course Intructors. Sessional Instructors. Peel Social Lab. Contact Us. Search the UTM website Search. Sociology Sociology is the systematic study of the social world.Read more. D student Kayla Preston named C. David Naylor Fellow at the University of Toronto. Professor Jerry Flores calls for long overdue international investigations in the U.

Read more Welcome to the Department! The Department of Sociology wishes to acknowledge the land on which we operate, across all three campuses.

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For thousands of years it has been the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land.

Read more about the land acknowledgement here. About our Department.

Undergraduate Sociology Programs at the St. George Campus

We have internationally-renowned scholars with excellent track records for securing research funding, producing outstanding sociological research, and extensively mentoring our graduate students.

Our collegial atmosphere encourages innovation and rigour in research and teaching. Our com munity of scholars includes over 75 faculty members, outstanding postdoctoral scholars, and creative and engaged graduate students.

We have about graduate students including approximately 40 who are currently engaged in dissertation research.

We are home to the Centre for Global Social Policycreated in to support collaborative, international research that speaks to pressing social policy concerns. Our graduate programs provide exceptional training to students in advanced social research. At the graduate level, we focus on transforming our students from consumers of academic research into producers of new sociological knowledge.

To that end, we have a strong focus on methodological training and integrate graduate stude nts thoroughly into the faculty research programs in the department. When they graduate from the Ph. In addition to our unified Graduate Program, we have three independent undergradu ate programs, one at each of the University of Toronto campuses the downtown St.

Our undergraduate programs provide a rigorous context for our students to think sociologically about the world around them.

Students in our undergraduate programs graduate with a broad understanding of the major branches of sociological thought, a thorough gr ounding in social research and data analysis, and a foundation in academic writing. Students learn about various sociological theories that help them understand the social world and about the different ways to ask questions and seek answers to better understand the way society functions. The programs teach skills in critical reading, analytical thinking, and communication.

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university of toronto sociology courses map

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